Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Get Free Wizard101 Crowns?

In the well known world of Wizard101 there are over 1 million players who play it. Most of these players purchase the in game currency called crowns in order to buy exclusive mounts, spells and other items. In other games buying the in game currency isn't always needed buy in this game it is very much needed. Its used to gain access to certain areas of the world and its used to win difficult battles in order to progress. Sadly, out of the million of players not all of them have the cash to throw at this game, and that's why I made this post explaining different way of getting "wizard101 free crowns".

The Wizard101 Crown Hack

First we'll talk about the simplest of methods of getting some crowns, downloading a bot. This is the first thing I tried to do and I really had to search for one before finding one. I had gone through Youtube, Google, and many social networks before landing at this small website called wegothacks. They had a generator that had looked legit so I used it. I was dubious but it surprisingly worked. Its a one time use thing so you cant get unlimited crowns but at the very least it provided me with a quick 5k crowns. If you're interested in that simply go here: . After completing the survey to download it, open it up, enter you username, click start, and wait a few minutes. Its really simple and it still works even to this day. So before it gets patched up by Kingsisle I'd recommend using it.

Using The Referral Program

The people at Kingsisle knows it hard nowadays and that spending money on crowns isn't an option for all of us. So because of that they made a simple referral system in which the people you invite earn you crowns. The way it works is first find someone who you can invite, once they sign up under you they must purchase something using real money. After doing that both you and your referral receive free crowns. This method is pretty tedious but it is guaranteed. Sadly, finding people who is willing to spend money on this game isn't something that will happen within a day or two. Doing things this way can take weeks if not months. And even after getting a few referrals you won't get that many crowns. Therefore i'd recommend other methods like:

Completing Offers On GPT Sites

If you don't already know, GPT stands for Get Paid To. Websites like this will give you prizes and gift cards for you to simply complete surveys, offers and purchase thing through their affiliate links. They also all have a referral program in which you invite people to do the same you do, and you get points if they complete an offer. So its similar to the method above but the key difference is that you'd have a higher success rate with this one considering the incentive is way better. Using this method you can offer your referrals the option of being able to get a brand new Playstation 4 for free. If you do go down this route i'd recommend advertising through Youtube and some social networks like Facebook and Myspace. I know this seems very tedious but at the very least the payout is really good and with the gift cards you'd get from this you can get a very good amount of crowns. Anyways on to the next method in my reservoir.

Neobux and PPC Sites

Neobux is a PPC website in which you click on ads view for a set amount of time and are paid. You can also refer people to do the same to gain even more money. Its very and you could use this money for crowns, games or whatever other things you may desire. The only real downside to do this method is it takes a bit of time to start making you good money, but when you are making money, it happens consistently. You could be getting crowns every week using website like Clixsense and Neobux.

In conclusion there are many ways to gain money for crowns but less ways to get free crowns. Use the hack and I recommend giving PPC and GPT websites a try. If you follow the above advice you should have no problem beating higher level players in wizard101 and many other mmo games.

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